Beware of these kinds of Bypass iCloud Lock Removal Tools

Our phone Repair Shop has received lots of iPhones/iPads that are locked to iCloud.
After testing lots of iCloud Lock Removal Tools we found that most of them are scams and there are few legit providers who can Bypass iCloud.
Avoid scams. We have tested 78+ scamming websites and youtube channels (we are constantly updating the list)


  • Fake paid unlock services – lose your money or it takes months to get refund
  • Fake videos – collecting clicks and promoting fake websites (iOS 7 was the final firmware to unlock iCloud for free)
  • “Apple employee” scammer – “great” scammers
  • Scam unlocks – most videos and website services
  • Fake DNS solution – not working, collecting your personal data. The Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical decentralized naming system for computers, services, or other resources connected to the Internet or a private network. It has nothing to do with iCloud. Fake!
  • Firmware methods – full of viruses and trojan viruses


How to choose Bypass iCloud Lock Removal Tools and why it’s so hard to do it nowadays?

People are wasting lots of time and paying money to iCloud unlock services that are scammers

After iOS 7 Apple has upgraded and made iCloud unlocking more difficult. (iOS7 unlocking method is above).
With the iOS 8, 9 and 10 there are only a few paid methods working.

All DNS, Firmware and downloadable iCloud Lock Removal Tools
are scams and viruses. 

iCloud Lock Removal Tools to AVOID iCloud lock removal

iCloud can only be unlocked from the server. Like it is done with carrier unlocking. These unlocks are made by iPhone/iPad IMEI or SN code.
This is sent to the server and it takes some days to unlock it. It all depends on the model you have.

Get Full IMEI iCloud Report for iPhone/iPad 

• Get a LIST of Latest Tested iCloud Unlock Methods + List of scammers to AVOID 
• 0-18 hours processing time


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